Friday, February 5, 2010

miller plasma cutters-Capability of plasma cutters vs waterjets

There are few option that we can use in conducting cutting works.Waterjets also is one of cutting machine used to cut metal,copper,steel ,wood even meat.The way of waterjets works is much different from plasma cutter.Waterjets use small fine nozzle with a high speed of water while plasma cutters use inert gas,electrode to form the plasma arc.However these two systems still using power to complete the cutting process.

Traditionally waterjets has been used to cut meat without damaging the bone.On top of that waterjets also has served in cutting industries earlier than plasma cutters.The systems keeps improving and produce better result by laser technology of plasma cutters.The precision and accuracy of cutting material between these two cutting machine are not much different .

There are proves saying that the faster that waterjets cut material the more the stream appears. It leaves the V shapes become greater.To achieve better result the waterjets speed must be slowing down and actually cause the speed of cutting material.In plasma cutters the torch height control is the most important factor of accuracy and precise cutting also has taken the time consuming of plasma cutting works but accuracy and precise of cutting material still on plasma cutters machine.

A diagram of a water jet cutter: 1 - high-pressure water inlet 2 - jewel (ruby or diamond) 3 - abrasive (garnet) 4 - mixing tube 5 - guard 6 - cutting water jet 7 - cut material

Through my experience it is much easier to cut with plasma cutters but it is better if we know the waterjets result also.I would say that to know how these two machine works is better, in producing better result of TRUE CUT in cutting process.

For now I would suggest the advance technology in plasma cutting works had been developed in Miller plasma cutters machine.You won't be regret to change to plasma cutters in a thinking of producing neat and best result.

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