Friday, March 19, 2010

miller plasma cutters-Miller Spectrum 2050 plasma cutter

Miller spectrum 2050 plasma cutter is the best recommended plasma cutter product by Miller compared to any brand in market.There are few splendid reason why to use this product which are:-

1)It is auto line link input voltage with 208-575 volt to use compared to other brand such as thermal cutmaster 81,hypertherm powermax 1000,Esab 875 plasmaarc and also Lincoln procut 55 which are manually linking required to 200-600 volt.

2)Miller Spectrum 2050 plasma cutter also fixed to duty cycle at 50% compared to those above mentioned brand which are not fixed to duty cycle of 1PH.

3)Miller Spectrum 2050 plasma cutter are equipped with 8000 watt auxiliary power Bobcat and Trailblazer friendly compared to those brand which are not recommended to miller plasma cutter 8000 watts .

4)Miller Spectrum 2050 plasma cutter has the voltage fluctuation capability from 190-630 volt.

5)Wind tunnel technology in Miller Spectrum 2050 plasma cutter prevents abrasive dust from damaging internal components while those mentioned plasma cutter has no wind tunnel at all.

6)Those important consumable parts are built in while others mentioned brand are placed in separate box.

7)Non stop operation cut through with Miller Spectrum 2050 plasma cutter without re triggering torch to start the pilot arc.

8) With Miller Spectrum 2050 plasma cutter you do not to worry for power source torch because it can be from 1 year to 3 years compared to other brands which is approximately 90 days warranty.

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