Tuesday, December 8, 2009

miller plasma cutters-How safe is plasma cutting

What do we know about plasma cutting?How safe is plasma cutting?How fast is plasma cutting ?There are several question will come across our mind when we say about plasma cutting.How advanced our plasma cutters are but when it comes to safety there are no exception.There are a few comparison we can made between plasma cutting and the normal oxy welding.

There are a few reason also why plasma cutting is more safe than general welding. In oxy acetylene welding the torch flame heat is very high.It is about almost 6000 degree Fahrenheit.With plasma cutting the temperature is below because of the automatic air regulator.Most of plasma cutter built with advanced air regulator and high performance cooling system which can reduce heat such as in miller spectrum 625 x-treme plasma cutter and miller spectrum 375 plasma cutter .Those are the best recommended plasma cutter by miller plasma cutter.

Even though with oxy acethylene welding we can do a lot of cutting but it will very dangerous if we have less train and it is not easy to get use with the torch.The oxy cylinder also are pressurized over 2500 psi and the risk of exploding is very high.Oxy acethylene cylinder cannot simply lay down and you must remain it upright for restricting gas flow.

Metal,steel,aluminium,copper etc are more easy and convenience with plasma cutter especially miller plasma cutters.Plasma cutting is easier because plasma cutter cut metal using inert gas with high voltage charge.The risk of exploding is very low compared to torch welding.

In a small welding ,plasma cutter is obviously very convenience to complete the plasma cutting works.In oxy acethylene we have to make sure the hose are free from cracked and dry.

Plasma cutting are much faster and very reliable to work with.Plasma cutting machine is easy to move.Portable plasma cutters are about 21 Ibs in weight.The storage of plasma cutting machine also very simple and do not need too much space compared to oxy acethylene equipment.

As a conclusion plasma cutting equipment is reliable,easy ,convenience,less in weight and less danger such as explosion and electric shocked.

miller plasma spectrum 625 x-treme

miller plasma cutters

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