Monday, December 14, 2009

miller plasma cutters-Torch height control in plasma cutting

In plasma cutting activities torch height control (THC) comes in 4 different elements in order to maximise the plasma cutting equpment achievements in cutting metal,steel,copper.etc.Automatic torch height control has been wisely implemented in functions and features.There are 4 elements which has been used in hypertherm,dynamic and miller plasma cutting equipment.They are:-

1)Plasma system interface-Voltage divider card inside plasma power supply divides and monitor power supply voltage during plasma cutting.
2)Remote control-Two critical plasma cutting parameters are sets to control initial height and arc voltage.
3)Control console-feedback and voltage signals are received from remote control to monitor position and voltage.
4)motor driven torch positioner-signal from control console being translate to control position torch up and down.

What are the benefits to know those 4 automatic elements in plasma cutters is to acheive exact measurements and quality plasma cutting.Position of the torch are very important in plasma cutters activities to control the torch low and high for clean and straight cut results.

Cutting at the right height are really important to ensure good quality of cutting and maximise the rework operation.In plasma cutters 'TRUE CUT' are being optimise for good quality acheivements.

miller plasma cutters

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