Friday, December 18, 2009

miller plasma cutters-plasma cutters problems

In any type of plasma cutting activities we cannot skip the difficulties and problems of such activities.To handle any plasma cutters is not as easy as handling oxy welding.There are a few problems we have to face no matter what kind of plasma cutters you handle either parker plasma cutters,esab plasma cutters,lincoln plasma cutters even miller plasma cutters ,the problems are quite similar.Some of the problems encountered in plasma arc cutting are:-

1)Consumable parts-replacing the torch will cost higher than replacing the consumable parts.The nozzle have to changed if any gouging exist inside or outside the nozzle.

2)The torch-When you have to replace the torch,make sure the torch assemble in proper care.It goes the same when you have to fit in the torch,the torch must be placed in a proper alignment. The torch and the seating area should be clean.

3)Gas and coolant flow-Excessive gas pressure will lead to torch failure.This problems can be avoided if we checked everyday the flow and pressure of gas and coolant.

4)Hammer-In plasma cutting activities never use the torch as a hammer.Using the torch to clean the cut pieces will definitely damage the torch.

5)Torch collision-Torch collision can be prevented by programming the the cutting system.As I mentioned earlier the torch height is important in order to prevent any collision during plasma cutting activities.

6)Contamination sign-contamination is always a problem in plasma cutting ,to avoid contamination is to clean up daily the torch and any consumable parts that can be clean.

Proper care on those important parts of plasma cutters will prevent any damage of the machine and at the same time you will exactly control the excessive cost due to problems occur.

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